At Strive we've been part of multiple weight loss competitions with friends and coworkers with weekly weigh ins. We noticed that when we were part of these Health and Fitness competitions we put our best foot forward to get the best results. Some weeks are better than others, but we always found a way to improve and get better.

We looked forward to weigh in day to see who made the most progress. We asked each other about exercise routines, eating habits, calorie counting and any other strategy that was working. Ultimately the group changed their habits and lifestyle in a 10 week competition. At the end of the competition, many people were eating better, meal prepping, running, cycling, exercising, lifting weights, logging their calories and improving their overall health.

On weigh in day everyone was excited to see the stats and the leaderboard to see where they rank in the competition. After multiple competitions with friends and coworkers we saw the benefits of health and fitnes competitions.

We wanted to build an App to make weighing in easier, tracking everyone's activity, looking at an interactive leaderboard so users can see stats by different metrics and weeks. This inspired us to build Strive to help everyone attain their Health and Fitness goals.