Post Pandemic Weight Loss Apps

Post-Pandemic Weight Loss: There’s An App For That

The obesity rate is continuously increasing, and nearly 40% of Americans are observed with undesired weight gain after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, a number of individuals are looking for ways to reduce weight and maintain proper shape.  

Historically for losing weight, the main emphasis was given to dieting, in which what and how much to eat was the core focus. But now, rather than relying solely on what and how much food to eat, many companies are now turning their attention to the why and how eating behaviors. They are carrying a more subtle strategy to help people comprehend why they eat and how to improve their diet.

This approach helps individuals understand what they are eating, how they are eating, their consequences, and how they can move towards healthy eating.  

You will find several apps and programs over browsers or app stores in search of “weight loss.” Users can easily download weight loss apps on their devices and track all their habits that are becoming the cause of weight gain.  

If you are looking for the best weight loss apps, we are suggesting some of the best apps available that will support and speed up your weight loss goals.  

Reset: This popular weight loss app is designed with cutting-edge research. If you stick with this app continuously, then it will make your weight loss objective simple and effective. This app is developed attentively so that users can lose fat in an interesting manner. The tagline of this application, “Reset two days a week. Lose weight for good.” gets justified completely by its features. It allows users to eat normally five days a week and eat more carefully for the remaining two days. There is a scientific reason behind this technique. In simple terms, you can say that it is the best weight watcher that you only have to consider two days of the week.  

myWW+: This app offers a holistic approach to losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle. This app is from Weight Watchers and works on the SmartPoints system. There is a numeric value allocated to every food item, and that allotment is done on the basis of fat ratio, protein, sugar, and calorie. There is a flexible color code for each of the food plans. Once an individual passes the personal assessment based on eating habits, lifestyle, food preferences, and activity level, then he/she is allotted a personalized plan associated with the SmartPoint budget. myWW+ offers 24/7 support with a health coach to its users, a meditation guide, and other supporting assistance so that users can effectively lose weight.  

Noom: It takes into account the behavioral approach of users to lose weight. With Noom, you can develop healthy habits. This psychology-based weight loss app helps in changing your habits and motivates you to achieve your goal. It comes with 10 mini-courses that any user can follow and complete on their own. Its water tracking feature helps users to stay hydrated. This app was started with weight management, but now it is also working to help people with chronic and non-chronic conditions.

Eat Right Now: This app considers the stress involved and what are the emotional eating patterns of individuals, and how they are affecting weight gain. Users of Eat Right Now develop sustainable habits that will reduce unnecessary cravings for junk food or processed food. You will be able to find out the root cause that is making your diet plan a roller coaster. With 10 years of complete research and backed by the most prestigious medical and academic institutions, this effective app has been developed. By knowing the root cause, one will be able to control their cravings and redefine the goal of weight loss. It follows a scientific approach to helping users reduce their cravings and get the desired healthy and fit body. The best thing about this app is that it builds the mental resilience in the users to control their undesired cravings and boosts their morals to follow a healthy lifestyle.     

There is the availability of real-time feedback so that users can maintain an easy track of their weight loss process. Also, there is a feature of a live interaction session with healthy eating experts.  

Livongo: The Livongo weight loss app offers personalized support and guidance to achieve the weight loss goal. Livongo is an easy-to-use mobile application that tracks activity and weight and offers unlimited expert coaching for a healthy lifestyle. The guidance is available for all sorts of categories, such as food, exercise, and other such things that contribute to speeding up the weight loss program. With this smart scale, one can easily manage their weight. It offers custom plans for each individual so that their objectives get fulfilled. In simple terms, you can say that this app is a telemedicine and health coaching service provider that helps patients in dealing with chronic diseases by providing effective diet plans and lifestyle guidelines. It is free of cost as users get its reference from their employer or health plan. 

Strive: This app is designed with the motive to keep users healthy and regulate a healthy lifestyle. It is the best fitness tracker that helps you in achieving your set goal. Strive Competitions app is enriched with various features such as workout challenges, fitness challenges, move calorie tracking, body fat percentages, distance in miles, etc., so that users can speed up their weight loss objective.    

The best thing is that you will fulfill all challenges and competitions with complete interest and a competitive spirit. It is compatible with iOS devices. This fitness tracker app also reminds you to weigh in. It can be configured from day of the week to time so that you can ensure that you are on track. It also helps you compete against yourself and your peers. By hosting healthy competition, reminders, and results, you will stay motivated to achieve your goal.  

Is There Any Evidence That These Weight Loss Apps Are Effective For Losing Weight?

Some different studies and reports support these apps positively in losing weight. A study completed in 2016 found that nearly 77.9% of Noom app users experienced a decrease in their weight, and 22.7% of users reported a 10% loss in their body weight. 

WW hit the list and became the most effective weight loss app in comparison to physician consultation and other commercial and behavioral programs. 

A different study in the year 2017 reported that Eat Right Now users experienced a 40% trimming in terms of craving junk foods. 

Another 2018 study explains that Livongo end users found significant improvement in their blood sugar level and weight loss. 

Also, it has been studied that calorie-restricted eating plans such as the Reset diet can be an effective weight-loss plan and improve metabolic function. 

What Things Make A Best Weight Loss App

You will find a number of weight loss apps, but each one of them doesn’t need to be effective and user-friendly. Instead, certain factors contribute to making any weight loss app popular. Some of them are:  

Features: A full-feature app makes it popular among users. It should offer personalized features as everyone has different needs and requirements. Group challenges, personal diet, step counter, and other features should be in the app. 

Rating: We mostly follow that app or software which has a good rating. Good rating over apps comes from the user experience. It implies that users loved the feature of that specific app. Thus you can check the rating and review of apps before making them your weight loss partner.   

Weight Loss Approach: The app’s approach to encouraging weight loss is an important point to consider. It should be realistic and offers a healthy relationship between food and the body. 

Vetting: It is the process in which verification of an app is done on security parameters. During this process, the app passes through different testing phases, and according to that, approval or rejection is done.  

User-friendly: The interface of the app should be user-friendly. They can access desired features easily. The app should have clear instructions and easy-to-use menus.    

Support Multiple Devices: App must support multiple devices, including Android and iOS. This will allow users to keep information synced between devices, and it will also allow access to the same information from anywhere in the world. 

It should be Affordable: Being affordable, more and more users can use them. Also, apps with subscription options catch the attention of users.  

Comprehensive Database: A weight loss app is essential for anyone looking to lose weight. It should have a comprehensive database that includes all the latest weight loss information. This database should include information on diet options, exercises, supplements and also details of workouts done.

Since the pandemic hit, many people have been looking for ways to lose weight and maintain their health. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know where to turn for information and support in times like these. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that offer helpful resources for people looking to lose weight after the pandemic. There is an app available for every need and budget, from meal planning tools to tips on how to exercise during the cold months. So whether you’re just starting out on your post-pandemic weight loss journey or you are already well on your way, make use of above mentioned helpful apps!

Strive, a fitness tracker is the best app that can offer you the convenience of creating weight loss challenges, step challenges and inviting friends, family, and your fellow mates to make it more interesting. Our app is a combination of a number of features such as Exercise Minutes, Weight Loss Percentage, Number of Steps, Move Calories, Distance in Miles, and many more.  

Give Strive a try, and it will definitely help you a lot in achieving your goal.